Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scholarship scandal on Breakfast Radio

I've done a pre-record radio interview this evening with Lincs FM and Rutland FM (same stable) on the Stamford Endowed issue.

It is scheduled for broadcast on their Wednesday morning breakfast news bulletins.

They've also interviewed the Portfolio Holder for Education Councillor Christine Talbot - so you can hear both sides of the issue.

Lincs FM is on 102.2 fm and Rutland is 107.2 or 97.4

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Anonymous said...

I hope when considering the figure of 2 million you have taken into consideration the costs of schooling forgone from not going to a state school.

2 million..spread out among all schools to improve schools around the area..give us a break, this money will hardly do anything in comparison to the opportunities given to those kids and the benefits of it overall.

An absolute disgrace.