Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tories vote to end Scholarship Scandal, but not yet!!


The all-Tory Executive on Lincolnshire County Council have finally bowed to pressure and taken steps to end the Scholarship Scandal.

But even at the eleventh hour, this morning the Tories were unable to make a clean break.

The Tories this morning rejected a recommendation from their own all-party policy group and instead came up with a quickly cobbled together amendment to keep the scheme in place for another decade.

The scandal currently costs more than £2 million a year.

No reasons were given at today's meeting for failing to accept the recommendation from the council's all-party policy group to scrap the scheme earlier, despite support from senior Tory Graham Wheat of Grantham.


Anonymous said...

It is all well and good ending the scholarships i support this, but provision has to be made for able children in Stamford, as pointed out by the LEA in that damming paragragh in the Mercury Queen Eleanor is a long way off being that school. I know because I am a
parent with a child in both camps.
The LEA has failed the able children in Stamford, and as such a legal challenge should be made on behalf of those children.

fairdealphil said...

Thanks for your comment. I fully agree that scrapping the scholarship scheme will not solve the problem of educational provision in stamford. it's madness that a town of 20,000 has to bus its high ability children 11 miles away to a smaller town, ie Bourne.

(At the moment, many come to Deepings Comp too).

Also agree that QE needs a massive boost if it is to fill the obvious gap.

i'll try to blog more details on today's decision later tonight.