Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why did the Puffin cross the road?

Deeping St James has its rather quaint "Ducks Crossing" signs by the river.

Now Langtoft is going one better with a Puffin Crossing!

That's what the road works are all about on the A15 just north of the Deepings.

After years of complaints by villagers, whose community is split by a main road, a Puffin Crossing is being installed.

I've heard of Zebra and Pelican crossings, but Puffins seem to have passed me by.

So I looked them up.

Puffins are similar to pelicans, but can detect when people are waiting to cross. Detectors "watch" the crossing and control the signals, so that slow-moving pedestrians have time to cross in safety.

The good news for drivers is that if the good people of Langtoft cross quickly the lights will quickly change to green.

And if someone presses the button and doesn't cross, or crosses before the lights change, the traffic will not be stopped.

It seems to be a major advance, as it's really frustrating waiting at a red light when it is clear no-one is using the crossing.

Whether or not the Puffin works, we'll have to wait and see.

Or, hopefully, not!


Anonymous said...

It's called a puffin crossing because it doesn't leave you much time to get across the road, so by the end of it you're puffin.

fairdealphil said...

Thanks for the smile Brynley!!