Monday, June 05, 2006

Police Mergers: What does our own Chief Constable say?

Tony Lake accepts the finding of the O’Connor report that Lincolnshire Police is no longer “fit for purpose” and that larger forces are the way forward to help “close the gap”.

However, Mr Lake also shares the concerns of the Police Authority on how the change should be funded and how the larger forces will remain locally accountable.

Like Lincolnshire, Warwickshire is one of the smaller of the current 43 police forces covering England and Wales.

Warwicks Chief Constable has said: "The proposed new force, with 15,000 officers, would be better equipped to share intelligence, deal with serious crime and the threat of terrorism.

"If we are going to improve policing in this part of the country we need to be part of a strategic force because it is the only way we will have the capability to deliver local policing while also tackling crime and major incidents."

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