Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stop! Thief!

Did anyone see my old white Ford Capri disappearing down Church Street this afternoon?

It was parked in my drive and some toad has nicked it.

I've been out all day, but a painter and decorator working across the road saw it parked up in its usual spot - behind the former nursery - as usual early afternoon.

By the time my wife arrived home from work, there it was, gone.


Anonymous said...

I've got him. I saw Denis Waterman driving it on the telly.

fairdealphil said...

if only mine were the souped up top of the range model Denis Waterman raced around in, was it The Sweeney??

I certainly remember TV's The Professionals also zooming around in Capris.

But alas, mine was just a commonal garden bog standard 1.6 with the old rather under-powered Ford Pinto engine..

Until last week, I thought the 2.8 British Racing Green Brooklands model was the most desirable...

I just hope the thief who nicked mine is disappointed with its performance and brings it back...

i live in hope.

All memories now though!!

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