Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Greedy Party?

The Washington newspaper famous for uncovering the Watergate scandal turned to our own local MP for a few words of wisdom today.

John Hayes, MP for South Holland and The Deepings was quoted in an interesting Washington Post story. The paper was looking at the first month of David Cameron's leadership of the British Conservative Party.

It was only a brief mention, but worthy of sharing:

Another Tory MP, John Hayes, said Conservative positions have often been misinterpreted: "The problem is that people see us as self-interested and greedy and uninterested in their needs.

I'm sure few would argue with this analysis by Mr Hayes (perhaps an admission that little actually changed since Theresa May famously told Conservative Party Conference that they were seen as the "nasty" party?).

The Washington Post continues to quote Mr Hayes:

"People see David Cameron as a regular guy who puts their interests first."

A regular guy? Didn't they say that about John Major, William Hague, IDS, and Michael Howard?

Perhaps I'm an old cynic, but wasn't former PR man Mr Cameron author of the Tory manifesto on which he, Mr Hayes and Michael Howard fought the General Election just a few months ago?

As Tory Leader, Mr Cameron is now desperately trying to persuade the nation that the manifesto he wrote was actually a load of rubbish and should be totally shredded.

Thankfully, most of us knew that!

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Dave Pearson said...

People seeking power will mostly do whatever's needed to acquire that power — that's not really much of a revelation is it?

As someone once said: Thankfully, most of us knew that!