Monday, January 09, 2006

Good news on the buses

Good news on local bus services to the Deepings. Delaine's are planning to extend their 203 service between Deepings and Stamford from the end of next month.

Details of the new services can be seen at http://www.delainebuses.comm by clicking the news section.

Rev Mark Warrick, chairman of Deeping St James Parish Council, reports on what the changes mean for our community on the excellent Deepings Exchange site he runs. You can join at
  • There will be five journeys a day Mondays to Fridays between Deeping St James and Stamford including regular off-peak services. Sadly, still no weekend services.
  • All journeys to operate on a new route via Deeping St James. The new route through Deeping St James is the same as the 102 route, via Burchnall Close, Crowson Way and Horsegate, not via The Cross.
Mark, who devised the Deepings bus map, comments:

In my opinion this is still not a wonderful service but it is much better than anything we've had for quite a long time.

Thanks to Mark for the info. And thanks to Delaine's for the extra buses. I hope they will be well used.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug for the Exchange, Phil