Wednesday, January 18, 2006

'Back-of-fag-packet scheme' slammed

This week's Free Press carries a well-informed article under the above headline on the surplus places debacle.

The Free Press reveals the alarming numbers of empty desks in a number of local primary schools.

County Council Leader Martin Hill is clearly annoyed that I've supplied the papers with this information.

My defence guv, is that councillors and ratepayers deserve to be told all the facts when crucial decisions affecting local communities are made. When Martin pushed ahead with plans to close or merge schools - most in Lincoln - to tackle surplus places, he didn't mention the fact that there are more than 200 surplus places in village schools he represents. That's a much bigger problem than in some of the schools proposed for closure.

Can't give you a link for the story. It's page 17 lead, but didn't make the web version of the Free Press...So you'll have to buy one...

Here's a taster to whet your appetite!

Coun Hill added: "This is a mischievous red herring thrown in by Coun Dilks and it is quite irresponsible of him to quote schools with high numbers of surplus places because it is quite unsettling for them."

Wonder if Martin thinks it was 'unsettling' for the parents, children and teachers at 17 schools to discover they were on the hit list for closure when they picked up the Lincolnshire Echo?

A case of double standards?

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