Monday, November 24, 2008

Shares soar to record rise...

Shares have recorded their biggest ever one-day rise. The FTSE has just closed up almost ten per cent on this morning's opening - partly due to the City welcoming measures announced by the Chancellor today to help small businesses, families and pensioners through the current tough economic times.


Ian B said...

FTSE 100 4152.96 up 372.00 9.84%
Dax 4554.33 up 426.92 10.34%
Cac 40 3172.11 up 290.85 10.09%

So not as big a rise as the markets in other countries who couldn't care less about this budget.

This rise has nothing to do with the PBR

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

The London rise was just as much a reflection of what has been going on in New York Phil.

George Osborne's best performance ever!

Steven_L said...

I guess it had nothing to do with the US plugging the hole in Citibank then?

Do you reckon the 2.5% off VAT is why the Nikkei went up too?

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

And the Dax, and the French SE and and Australia.

Pitty the BBC News at ten and ITV News didn't work that out.

Maybe they just fell for a bit of Mandelson spin again?