Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It's the 'End of' as Tories go on the run...

Just 24 hours after the ConDem axe fell on more than a million families, Tory Children’s minister Tim Loughton has come up with the understatement of the year...

In the face of the storm and as the Mail splashed today on "Fury of Stay at Home Mums", Mr Loughton admitted that the move 'could be in need of more work...'!!!

The Tories are so out of touch with normal people that they thought their back of a fag packet ruse would get positive headlines for their Conference...

But hitting women and children first is not even popular with their own MPs.

A backbench revolt is already brewing as Tory MPs realise the move squeezes 'middle England' and threatens their survival at the next election. The revolt is likely to be led by David Davis, the MP who callenged David Cameron for the leadership of the Tory Party.

Today, he went on the airways to hightlight the unfairness. He says it cannot be right that a family with a single earner on £44k a year and a partner staying at home to look after the kids loses their child benefit while neighbours with both partners each earning £40k - a total income of £80k - KEEP their child benefit.

LibDem Susan Kramer dismissed suggestions of Coalition unfairness saying "That's the way the tax system works"!!

It's astonishing is how the lackey LibDems support scrapping the principle of universal benefits for children. They sold their principles for a taste of power...

Labour's Yvette Cooper hit the nail on the head when she said cutting child benefit for over a million families gives the lie to the ConDem's justification that deep cuts are needed now to protect the future generation.

The ConDems are making the next generation pay now.

I also heard London Tory MP Mark Field admit earlier today that the ConDems would have a political price to pay to cut child benefits. Her admitted that the £44k threshold would hit many 'ordinary' hard working families in the capital.

Even Tory Children's Minister Tim Loughton told Channel 4 News the move could be in need of more work.

He said: "If there are ways we can look at compensating measures for those genuinely in need, that will be looked at in future budgets."

But the prize for most entertaining piece of telly today has to go to Sky who broadcast Loughton desperately trying to escape the media spotlight who wanted to clarify his thoughts on a rethink.

Fast-trotting through Birming convention centre trailed by a media scrum, he didn't want to take the opportunity to explain what he meant.

Later, when the cameras caught up with him, Mr Loughton said:

I am very happy with the policy that George Osborne announced yesterday. It’s tough, it’s a difficult choice but it’s fair. End of. End of.

And to every other question, Mr Loughton replied: End of. End of.

Question: …does that imply you’re going to try and bring in measures to mitigate this?

Tory Minister: End of. End of.

Question: End of what?

Tory Minister: End of.

And that was the end of


Anonymous said...

reminds me of Blair's 75p benefits rise and pension rise, which saw pensioners set up political groups.

Put me in mind of Browns 10p tax so called fiasco to try and keep his beloved middle class.

The fact is take the Tories take new labour and most of the leadership were are out of touch.

Last winter my wife and I were without water because the main water pipe froze, then we had the snow, and I did not get a single penny of the cold weather allowance because according to the council the weather did not get that bad. I actually turned the heating off once it reached our normal use. My next door neighbour who has a real serious disability with her bones and joints, put the heating up, and it cost her so much she asked for a crises loan, and got turned down because they said owing a debt is not a crises.

I got hold of the power company British gas who told her they had placed her onto a lower tariff for having a disability, she is paying off the debt at £5 extra a week.

Life is hard boy it's hard at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to see labour MP's and Labour blogs up in arms when Labour ended income support, but sadly hardly a word, lots said it was money for scroungers money for women to stay at home.

It would have been nice to see Unions demanding that DLA not be touched for the disabled, I wrote to the TUC who replied this benefit is poorly targeted, yes I know it goes to the most disabled.

But you attack the middle class bloody hell you think somebody is attacking the life blood of labour.

Or is it trying to destroy the coalition so we can have Newer labour back in power.


fairdealphil said...

Thanks for your comments. To Anonymous (not Robert):

Sorry to hear of these difficulties.

If you live in Deeping St James, I may be of some help.

United Charities, of which I am proud to be a trustee, makes grants and loans to assist people in difficulty.

It's a totally confidential service available to residents of Deeping St James.

Please feel free to contact me confidentially by email to




Anonymous said...

Sadly in Carmarthen West wales.

I'm having problems for some reason logging on to blogs it refuses to allow me to comment, mind you it might well be I'm banned.

To be honest it's only a few years ago i accepted I had to live on benefits, after my accident which was a massive fall 96ft landing on my feet, I was six foot three I'm now five foot ten.

After they took out three disc from my back.

But i refused to sign on sick telling my wife I'd rather die then scrounge it was only when she said she was leaving I agreed to sign on.

So when somebody like Blair called people like me scroungers I cut up my labour party card, after 43 years in labour. I kept my GMB card going though.