Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hack puts phone-hacking scandal back in the news...

An interview with a former News of the World journalist to be broadcast on C4's Despatches programme tomorrow night will put more the phone-hacking scandal back in the headlines.

Andy Coulson, now the Prime Minister's chief spin-doctor, resigned as editor of the NotW when one of his journalists went to prison for phone-hacking.

Coulson himself has always denied any knowledge of illegal activities when he was editor.

But The Guardian says that on C4 tomorrow, a senior journo who worked alongside Coulson will claim - albeit anonymously - that Coulson not only knew his reporters used intecepted voicemail messages, but that he was actually involved.

The journalist, said, like Coulson to be a former editor of the paper, claims when Couldon was told of intercepted voicemail messages of public figures, he demanded that he hear the tape or an email transcript to be sure they were authentic.

No doubt as Mr Cameron stands by his man, I'm sure he was hoping the phone-hacking scandal would go away - at least during the week of their Conference.

Not a chance.

It may be a slow-burner, but it seems this one will drip, drip and drip again for some time to come...

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