Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Lincs MPs named in Government reshuffle...

More congrats are in order...this time to two Lincs MPs who have taken up new posts in the Labour Government.

Quentin Davies (Stamford and Grantham) has joined the Government as a Defence Minister.Mr Davies has been appointed by Gordon Brown to be Minister for Defence Equipment and Support. He will be part of a department which has a budget of £13 billion.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has appointed Gillian Merron (Lincoln) to be a Minister in the Foreign Office.


Anonymous said...

My new MP! Never had a Labour MP before .... I wonder what they're like.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Quentin getting his compensation for crossing the House and sitting next to Gillian.

He'll be getting a place in The House of Lords next.

Nevermind, both have one thing in common - they won't be MPs after the next election will they Phil!

Oh, and who could have dreamt up Gillian ending up in the same Department as her fellow fitness freak Caroline Flint hey under good old Milibanana?

What do you think Phil?

Does going from a job sitting in on Cabinet Meetings to one outside the Cabinet still mean demotion these day?

Or has Gordon just put all his rebels in one place so he can keep an eye on them?

Airborne said...

A falorn hope if ever there was one.