Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Alaskan Senator's conviction the final nail for McCain's campaign...?

Longest serving US Senator - a Republican - faces prison after being found guilty of corruption.

To make matters worse for McCain, convicted Ted Stevens, 84, is from the great state of Alaska, home of 'hockey mom' and McCain's running mate Sarah Palin...

Earlier today, the biggest paper in Alaska endorsed Obama, saying Palin was a novice and it was unthinkable that their own state Governor could become a heart-beat away from becoming President.

It ain't over til it's over, and a week's a long time in politics. But can anything now stop Barack Obama becoming the first black President of the most powerful nation on earth...?

I hope not.


Anonymous said...

You've forgotten something, Phil.

On this very blog you backed Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama. As I recall your heart said Obama and your head said Clinton.

fairdealphil said...

Hi Brynley,

not forgotten my earlier comments on Clinton v Obama...

my heart was always with Obama, but i wasn't sure that America was truly ready for the first black President.

Given today's news on the white supremacists apparently plotting to kill Obama, those questions may not be fully answered...we'll all know next Wednesday (if they manage to count the votes by then and we don't have to wait for the hanging chads...!)

my heart's still with Obama's ability to make the world a better place...

hopefully, there'll be a place for Hillary in his Cabinet - possibly to deliver his pledges on health.