Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speeding bikers in court...

Nine bikers face magistrates today charged wıth speedıng at up to 136 mıles per hour after a crack down by Lincolnshire Police.

The nine were booked on the county's roads in one day of a high profile operation aimed at reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on motorbikes on the county's roads.

Operation Evidens, along with the related Stealth campaign, targets red routes and known motorcycle routes, with the aim of improving the safety of these roads.

The nine in court thıs afternoon are alleged to have been doıng between 90mph and 136mph.

Lincolnshire Police are keen to convey the message that any motorist who exceeds the speed limits in the county, particularly the high end offenders, will be targeted on their red routes in particular, caught and prosecuted.

Sound like some of them at least will be walkıng home!


Anonymous said...

A former Insurnce claims man writes.

"Some years ago I was examining a claim file involving a nasty and fatal collision between a Motorbike and an HGV.

It was obvious that the deceased motor cyclist, some 3 weeks after passing his part two test, was unable to controllhis 500 cc machine, but was very happy to wind the throttle fully open.

Reading through the file I came across a witness statement.

And I quote.

" This M/C raced through on the inside lane. The only thing missing was a cry of 'BANZAI' "

Nuff said ?"



Airborne said...

You want to see the speeding teenagers zipping around deeping St James with their L plates on disregarding Mini roundabouts etc. Not a Police patrol in sight Phil!! C'mon start serving the people you represent!!

fairdealphil said...


i can assure you that i do my best to serve the people of DSJ.

ı,ve seen the speedıng teenagers and spoken wıth our local police about this very problem.

i welcome the fact that they have confıscated a number of motorbikesş most recently a couple of weeks ago after one was rıdden across the pedestrıanısed area outsıde the Manor Way shops.

please let me know of any specıfıc problem whıch ı wıll gladly take up.


Airborne said...

The roads of Deeping St James was like a formula 1 circuit again on sunday morning 0300. Not a Policeman in sight!!