Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ex Labour MP to face trial...

Former Labour MP Helen Clark is to stand trial on charges of drunken and abusive behaviour, according to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

I don't know if the charges relate to the same incident which appeared on u-tube a couple of months ago.

The ex-MP for Peterborough who lost her seat in the 2005 General Election - and days later announced she was defecting to the Tories - threatened legal action against U-tube and the video was removed after a couple of days.

If you're determined, you can still find it on the internet...


Anonymous said...

After what you went through, Phil, I sincerely hope this post is to intended to gloat at Clark's misfortunes. Whether or not she defected to the Tories and whether or not we think she's mad, sad or bad, she clearly has problems that need serious attention. No one should rejoice in the vulnerability of others.

fairdealphil said...


thanks for your comment.

no gloating intended.

anyone who has seen the u-tube of Helen's offensive yet disturbingly pathetic performance in the Great Northern would surely agree with you that she has serious problems which require serious attention - which is why i decided at the time not to blog it.