Friday, March 14, 2008

Shannon found alive against all odds, but police block family reunion...

Astonishing against-all-odds story of the missing nine-year-old girl found alive today, cowering in a divan drawer, less than a mile from her home - 24 days after going missing.

Channel Four News says the 39-year-old-man arrested at the West Yorkshire flat where little Shannon Matthews was found is a distant relative.

They also say police, who were apparently acting on a tip-off, have tonight taken out an emergency place of safety order preventing a reunion with her family.

Shannon apparently planned to run away from home on the day she went missing. I've no idea, of course, what Shannon has told police since she was rescued, but this little girl has clearly seen much more of life than any nine-year-old should.

UPDATE: BBC latest.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that an emergency protection order was granted and that the child is with foster parents. I have read a report that the child's mother has not had any contact - a two way mirror was used so that she could confirm the child was Shannon. I am surprised that the child has not been demanding to see her mother and this seems a bit worrying.

I am also a little concerned for the future of the little girl as she may need a lot of attention which her parents may not be able to provide given the demands of a large family. The extended family have made allegations regarding Shannon's home life and no doubt this will be investigated.

I am pleased that she is has been found and I hope that she has not been subjected to abuse whilst being detained. I watched a recent Cutting Edge programme on two girls who were abducted in Hastings some 12 years ago. It took them an awful long time to get over their abduction and abuse and yet because of their age (about the same age as Shannon) when abducted they were remarkable adults and showed tremendous resilience. I hope Shannon who knew the man she was with, recovers from events and that her emotional needs and apparent unhappiness are resolved.


fairdealphil said...

thanks Jane,

definitely worrying.

whatever abuse Shannon has suffered in her young life is hopefully now over and she will get the support she clearly needs to recover...