Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boris attacks pedestrians and a civil servant after bus blunder…

Boris Johnson’s transport manifesto for London is in tatters as he desperately attempts to divert attention from his spectacular £100 million a year bus blunder...

On the Vanessa Feltz show, Boris Johnson pledged to replace all London’s bendy buses with new vehicles with conductors. He claimed it would cost just £8 million-a-year.

But his £8m claim has been widely rubbished - transport experts calculate the real cost to Londoners would be £112 million a year. That's more than 13 times difference and a massive £100 million-a-year Boris black hole which would inevitably mean steep fare rises.

It will also lead to serious questions about Boris's competence to deliver over £40 billion of investment to modernise London's transport over the next few years. It is crucial for instance that the massive £16 billion Crossrail project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Today, Mayor Ken Livingstone issued an open email challenge to Boris over his gaping gaffe:

Boris responded by attacking London’s Transport Commissioner, claiming he never used London buses – which is rich indeed coming from Oxfordshire MP Boris!

Then Boris went on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and uttered this gem:

"…as a cyclist I think pedestrians are the most dangerous features on the road at the moment."
I wonder how many cyclists he thinks have been killed lately by pedestrians on the streets of London...

But Boris's out of touch moment-of-the-day must surely go to Boris’s attempt to try to change the dates of the Bejing Olympics, as reported by journalist Andrew Grice

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