Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cameron frustrated at 'lazy' Boris...?

So says Peter Oborne in today's Mail.

The story rounds off an awful week for Boris:

His poor judgement came under fire when he backed Tory peer Conrad the Crook who was jailed for six years for multi-million pound fraud.

Then the Daily Telegraph business diary (no link - not on line) reported Greg Dyke on Boris, saying:

‘He’s a great guy, but I wouldn’t let him run my bath, let alone London’

Remember Greg Dyke?

He was the David Cameron's real choice for London Mayor.

But Cameron completely botched his attempt to sign up Mr Dyke as a joint Tory/LibDem candidate.

More red-faces later this week when the pro-Tory Economist magazine revealed that staff at Conservative HQ
...are concerned that a lazy campaign ending in a heavy defeat by Ken Livingstone, the Labour incumbent, would reflect badly on Mr Cameron. Some believe a victory for Mr Johnson would be even worse, if he turned out to be a shambolic leader of Britain's capital.
So now even Tory strategists realise that Boris winning could be the nightmare result...!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. The Midlands Industrial Council is no longer of interest to Phil.

Instead he entertains us with the goings on in the smoke.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll let the opinion polls do the talking along with the electorate in May.

Conservative 15 point lead according to You Gov.

Don't see you leading on that story today!

fairdealphil said...


MIC still of massive interest - remember it was set up half a century ago specifically to hide the source of huge donations to the Tory Party.

Also of interest is how the Tories bankrolled their 1992 victory - before Labour brought in new laws on transparency, no-one knew where a penny of political funds came from!

fairdealphil said...

hats off:

nope, i'll leave that one to the daily mail...enjoy while you can!