Monday, December 10, 2007

Al's truth will be more convenient under next US President...

The man who used to be the next President of the United States collected his Nobel Peace Prize today - and said humanity was now waging war on the earth itself...

And what a different place the world would be today if only the occupant of the White House had been decided at the ballot box rather than in the Florida courts.

Of course, the US would have signed up to Kyoto if the real winner became President rather than Dubya - and I've no doubt that Al Gore would have handled the war on terror rather differently.

Accepting his well deserved Nobel Peace Prize for work on climate change today, Al Gore predicted that whoever becomes next President, the US is likely to adopt a 'more constructive' approach to climate change...

Let's hope so.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Phil.

Once again the Nobel Committee has made a shameless political statement with this year's recipients and proved its status as a front for stinking Far-Left hippie Communists.

The disgraceful Gore and the IPCC are guilty of manipulation and deceit which has been disgustingly overlooked by the Nobel Committee.

Only recently a High Court judge highlighted nine outright lies in Gore's acclaimed masterpiece An Inconvenient Truth stating it had fudged the science to get the desired result and ruled it could only be shown in schools with a warning that it is bollocks.

The IPCC has been known to tell its contributors to exaggerate in order scare the public into line, and ignores the views of the masses of climate change sceptics.

The Nobel Prize is an absolute sham; the product of floaty liberal Swedish and Norwegian academics.

Al Gore and the IPCC are the latest members to join a club that includes terrorists [Yasser Arafat and Nelson Mandela], Communists [Gorbachev] and crap presidents [Jimmy Carter].

I'm sure they'll be right at home with these like-minded arseholes.

fairdealphil said...

Ho - Thanks for the welcome back. I can see you missed me!

Having read your comments, I was going to ask how long you'd been a member of the Flat Earth Society...but on re-reading them, I can see we don't seem to share the same planet!