Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Q2: Bus fares for pensioners

Cllr P. M. Dilks to ask the Portfolio Holder for Finance:

Increased concessions on off-peak bus fares for elderly and disabled people which were announced by the Chancellor in last year’s Budget came into effect last month.

I am interested in how the new arrangements are working across Lincolnshire.

Would the Portfolio Holder please provide a table showing the travel concessions made available in each district, the budget made available in each district and whether concessions apply to journeys district-wide, county-wide, or beyond the county borders.


Anonymous said...

A very good question. Please be sure to publish the answers when you get them.

fairdealphil said...

Will do. Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

Phil why does South Kesteven `have its own arrangements` for concessionary bus fares that seem to differ from the rest of Lincolnshire? Anne