Thursday, May 25, 2006

Myth of missing millions.

The Tories who run Lincolnshire County Council constantly complain that the Labour Government steals money from shire counties like Tory Lincolnshire to give to the Labour voting big cities.

I've always believed it was a pathetic attempt to divert attention from their well publicised troubles which resulted in one former Tory Leader being sent to prison for abuse of power and a second banned from being a councillor for his unacceptable behaviour.

I've been asking questions to find out the truth and this week I received a table prepared by the Director of Finance showing exactly how much Government grant Lincolnshire gets.

In 1997, the last year of Tory Government, Lincolnshire received grants of £335.5 million (and in each of the previous three years the level grants actually fell.

But in every year since Labour came to office, there have been substantial increases for Lincolnshire.

This year, Lincolnshire received £635.1 million.

That's almost double the 1997 amount the Tories gave us.

So next time you hear about the so called Missing Millions, you might want to ask current Council Leader Martin Hill where it's all gone...!

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