Saturday, April 15, 2006

Anger on the Ermine

Despite the promises, there's still no sign of a county-wide strategy to deal with 10,000 surplus places in the primary sector in Lincolnshire's schools.

The ruling Conservatives are still pressing ahead in the face of massive opposition with their bonkers plan to close some infant schools and merge them with nearby junior schools.

What makes it so daft is that a few schools thought to be easy targets are being picked off.

In the absence of a strategy or even sensible criteria, the decision to close Ermine Infants in Lincoln is one of the daftest.

The Leader of the Council Martin Hill tried to stop me speaking at the meeting at which the Council was supposed to explain the plan to parents.

Officers and politicans tried to sell the plan as in the best interests of Ermine children.

But they forgot to mention that under their plan, there would not be enough places for Ermine children in the new all-through primary school on the estate.

Some Ermine children, will, in future have to go elsewhere for their education.

As I announced here last month, the head teacher of the Infants has resigned in disgust.

And as word is spreading, parents are perhaps justified in feeling the council hasn't been entirely open.

There's a new petition and talk of a march through the streets of Lincoln in May.

There's a city council election on May 4th on the Ermine.

Chris Burke, the county councillor for the Ermine says the county Conservatives have managed to turn an educational issue into a political battle.

And that is certainly not in the best interests of the children.

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