Friday, December 18, 2009

Sh*tbucks comes to Peterborough...

Snow-slow drive to Peterborough this morning after digging my car out of the drive, so miss my usual London bound train, and watch the next one pull out while I queue for a ticket.

At least the trains seem to be running pretty much to time despite the first snow and cold snap of winter...whatever happened to Global Warming..?

Info board says next train due in 20 minutes, but updates say it's going to be 8 minutes late, then 20 minutes late and eventually over half any hour have any overall wait of any hour trying to keep warm.

Fancy a hot drink to fend off the cold, and keep my hands warm. Decide to give 'Pumpkins' coffee a miss and plum instead for the new outlet on Platform 2.

Should be a treat. It's Starbucks. Order a 'hot' choc and hand over my dosh. First sip reveals it's only mildly warm, and so down it in one.


It's stone cold and hasn't even been stirred.

Nasty after-taste.

It's easy for anyone to make a mistake when you're new and busy and, like the choc drink, er...cold.

What's amazing is the reaction of Starbucks staff when I politely point out that their 'hot' choc is anything but.

No reaction at all!! Not a word of apology, refund or fresh drink. Just blank faces..


My reaction to being blanked is to start loudly advising others in the queue that the 'hot' choc isn't.

Still no reaction.

Someone at Starbucks clearly missed the 'have a nice day' training course in customer relations.

Surely the American coffee giants Starbucks would appreciate knowing they are getting it wrong in Peterborough.

Faith restored somewhat when I ring Starbucks in London and I am able to regale my story to a pleasant young? Lady with a warm American drawl who apologises for my bad experience with Starbucks, promises refund in the post and wishes I have a nice day.

Get the late train which has just come to a juddering halt after a few miles. Guard just announced a pipe has broken.

Ah, that old excuse.

Must be the wrong kind of snow...

Maybe i should have stayed in bed...hope to be inching towards London soon and hope to get there in time to come back...

UPDATE 11.52 Just passing Knebworth, Guard says pipe fixed but slow now because there's congestion ahead and snow blown onto signals means Driver having difficulty seeing them.

I need a hot drink, but now feeling rather sick after my Starbucks Experience...


Geoffrey G Brooking said...

Just proves what a pile of shite the globval warming theory that Gordon goes on about is.

I find it interesting that a deal could only be reached at the last minute to commit nations to cap levels of carbon dioxide inj Copenhagen.

All nations that is except China and a few others due to China quite rightly fearing the loss of sovereignty.

This in itself stinks of desperation.

Any treaty that does emerge will not be legally binding for now at least.

The watered down document does however call for rich nations to cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050, and will include a $100 billion fund for third world countries to alleviate 'climate change'.

To me, as well as desperation this also stinks of a return to left-wing socialism.

It seems that the type of legally binding agreement that leftists had said was necessary to save the world before the meeting began has not been possible because this would have required the involvement of China which is of course the world's biggest polluter.

Yet radical extremists like Gordon Brown and Barack Obama have decided to press on anyway with the creation of a supranational body redistributing wealth to the third world and committing the West to CO2 reductions that will result in the loss of thousands of jobs in the developed world.

In any case, the agreement that looks like emerging would not even begin to tackle global warming if the alarmists' worst propaganda were true.

Surely if we were really at the point of Armageddon due to global warming a meaningful agreement would have been made that would bind ALL nations to emissions cuts.

So to me this really doesn't add up and it seems that the science behind it doesn't either.

Man-made global warming theory has been embraced by leftists determined to use it to further a political goal of global socialism where we are all taxed more by stealth but despite the lack of involvement from some of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, a socialist plan has been agreed anyway.

The people of America and Britain increasingly do not believe in man-made global warming, opinion polls back this argument up and there are thousands of scientists going unreported who don't either.

Yet our politicians once again are ignoring us, and are even threatening another climate change summit in the summer with more socialism on the way.

However, there is a glimmer of hope at least in that the king of the stealth taxmen himself, Gordon Brown, won't be Prime Minister then!

Bye Phil!

fairdealphil said...

So now Man-made Global Warming is a Socialist plot to take over the World...

Bet you still believe in Santa Claus Geoffrey.


Happy Christmas Geoffrey!

Anonymous said...

Mmm not a plot to take over the world, just to give the third world more of our hard eaned taxes. Redistribution of the wests wealth.