Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deepings Comprehensive goes top of the class...

Deepings Comprehensive School has just been awarded an 'Outstanding' grade during Ofsted's latest inspection.

Anyone who knows Deepings Comp won't be surprised that it's achievements put it in the top 15% of all schools in the country.

As a Governor for eight years until a few months ago - and as proud father of two daughters who were given a great start at Deepings Comp - I know we are blessed with a fantastic local school.

The Business and Enterprise specialist school is a fine example of what can be achieved by a true Comprehensive. Unlike some other local schools, no child is turned away because of their perceived academic ability. At Deepings Comp, every student gets the chance to develop to their full potential.

Chris Beckett who was promoted to Head Teacher five years ago provides first-rate leadership and has strengthened a great team of staff which, together with the students, fully deserve the thanks and praise of our local community.

Here's some of the highlights from the Ofsted report which has just been published.

Outstanding quality of education
Innovative and dynamic leadership
Standards have risen year on year since the last inspection
Students of all abilities make exceptional progress
Students, parents and carers are very pleased with the quality of education provided
Good quality teaching
The school's Business and Enterprise specialist status makes a significant contribution to students learning
The school's capacity for continued improvement is outstanding
Students enjoy school and feel safe
The curriculum provision is outstanding at all levels
Care, guidance and support is outstanding
Links with partners and other schools are outstanding
Sixth form provision, leadership, management and outcomes are outstanding.

Hope the Stamford Mercury, Local, ET, and Free Press pick up a good story about achievement...

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James Hewson said...

Many people who go to the Deepings School are refugees from the Queen Eleanor School in Stamford.

They are probably also the ones who would have taken advantage of the assisted places scheme, before it was strangely stopped. Queen Eleanor is not a comprehensive.

Even so, it's not a bad result from the Deepings School considering Bourne Grammar School gets first choice of Deepings' best. Deepings might even get a few refugees from Peterborough and its terrible schools.

Comprehensive schools work in pleasant middle class areas like the Deepings. In Peterborough, the comprehensives have too many social problems to work.

What social problems are there in the Deepings? Where are the teenage mothers?