Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Historic day and another one for the album...

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Thanks to a colleague for sending this snap of me congratulating Gordon Brown moments after he succeeded Tony Blair as Leader of the Labour Party.

Gordon clearly demonstrated in his acceptance speech that he is the best person by miles to take our country forward - and how the choice at the next General Election will be substance for the many with Gordon or Cameron's spin, PR and flip-floppery.

The next ten years start right here...

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Michael Oakeshott said...

Unfamiliar surroundings? The council chamber?

It's not him congratulating you on retaining your councillor seat?

No it's not that is it?

Seriously Phil, you remind me of what my history teacher used to say. He said always watch out for the Stasi types who would work with any regime, regardless of morality, providing it gave them the smallest degree of recognition. They would have supported Weimar, then the Nazis, then the Stasi, without a pang of guilt. The political class nowadays merely desire power. What the hell does that make you Phil, prepared to support anyone for the merest glint of their reflected "glory"?

I am going to start calling you Fairly Sycophantic Phil from now on.

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

"The next ten years start here."

Yes Phil, but at least seven of them will be in opposition dear boy!

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

John Bercow's taken his web site down.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Rumours are seriously rife now.

Dave Pearson said...
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MW said...

OK: it's in the album!

Anonymous said...

Has oakenstaff finally gone completely mad?

fairdealphil said...


maybe he was born mad.

for the record, i didn't support the nazis, nor the stasi. not sure whether he did...

fairdealphil said...


bercow's site gone down...probably more to do with the increase in traffic from people trying to see if the rumours are true...

did hear michael crich on newsnight last night predicting that the names michael rifkind and chris patton are being named as the next possible defectors to Labour.

not holding my breath!

Michael Oakeshott said...

You haven't really understood the wider point in the above post have you Phil?

Seriously, would you support any moron with a red rosette? I bet you even voted for Michael Foot! Dear oh dear, at least I am a bit more discerning with my loyalties. I vote for ideas not colours. You would pledge loyalty to a chimpanzee if the PLP elected him.

Geoffrey G Brooking said...

New Cainet:

Prime minister: Gordon Brown
Chancellor: Alistair Darling
Foreign Secretary: David Miliband
Home Secretary: Jacqui Smith
Health: Alan Johnson
Schools and children: Ed Balls
Innovation, universities and skills: John Denham
Justice: Jack Straw
Commons leader: Harriet Harman
Defence and Scotland: Des Browne
Int Development: Douglas Alexander
Wales/Work and Pensions: Peter Hain
Northern Ireland: Shaun Woodward
Chief secretary to the Treasury: Andy Burnham
Cabinet office minister/Duchy of Lancaster: Ed Miliband
Culture: James Purnell
Olympics: Tessa Jowell
Transport: Ruth Kelly
Lords leader: Baroness Ashton
Attorney General: Baroness Scotland
Environment: Hilary Benn
Chief Whip: Geoff Hoon
Business and enterprise: John Hutton
Housing minister (attending Cabinet when needed): Yvette Cooper
Communities: Hazel Blears
Children and youth justice: Beverley Hughes
Africa, Asia and UN: Lord Malloch Brown

fairdealphil said...


i wonder if you have ever, just once in your life, actually considered facts and knowledge rather than fire off wild and absurd assumptions without thinking...

fairdealphil said...


thanks for the list.

have been on the road and not seen it in full yet...

Michael Oakeshott said...

So you did vote for Michael Foot then. Thank God no one else did or we'd be fooked.

I judge you by your actions Phil. Your constant sycophancy leads me to my conclusions. Proven by your failure to answer the following question in a satisfactory manner...when was the last time you criticised this Government, on your blog, for anything? The word in English is sycophancy and you deserve the ridicule I give you for it.

fairdealphil said...


there you go again, spewing forth
wild assumptions and making two twos add up to five.

Geoff Brooking said...

You look just like Boris Johnson with a short haircut Phil.