Sunday, March 12, 2006

MP called in too late!

Roy Dennis who runs brings news of our MP visiting the Deepings.

Roy says:

South Holland & The Deepings MP, John Hayes, Shadow Minister for
Education, will be meeting with local representatives from the
Deepings (Deeping St James Parish Council, Deepings Partnership and
South Kesteven District Council) at Market Deeping Town Hall on Friday
10 March, to discuss concerns about a proposed housing development in
Deeping St James.

As Rev. Mark Warrick, chairman of DSJ Parish Council points out on, it's a bit late. Building work on the housing development at the corner of Broadgate Lane and Spalding Road is already well under way.

Mark says John Hayes' office seemed taken aback by the news that not only had planning permission been granted, but building started weeks ago.

In fairness to our MP, he was clearly responding to concerns expressed, so probably had no idea that the project was so far advanced - and well past the time for effective protest.

Mark suggests the meeting was arranged in association with Paul Linford of the
Deepings Management - which was why it was held in Market Deeping.


Mark said...

I regret that I was unable to attend the meeting, called necessarily at short notice. But the Parish Council was represented by the Vice-Chairman.

fairdealphil said...

Thanks Mark. Two questions.

1. Did they actually visit the building site?

2. What influence does anyone think they can have on the design of a building project that started weeks ago?