Friday, March 10, 2006

Leader accuses me over surplus places

The row over closing infant and junior schools blew up big time this morning at a meeting of the county council.

I was first on my feet with questions to the Leader.

Waving a copy of story in the local on 20 January which was headlined: "School closures not on the agenda", I informed the Council that Councillor Hill was reported as saying:

"With careful thought, imaginative thinking and cooperation between local schools, they will all be able to stay open."

I also reminded him of a similar quote attributed to Cllr Hill in the Stamford Mercury on the same day:

"...I am confident that...all schools in the bourne and Stamford areas will be able to remain open."

I asked Martin what message that sent to schools NOT in his backyard area which are proposed for closure under his plans to tackle surplus places and aslso reminded him that there were almost 200 surplus places in his own electoral division, Folkingham Rural.

Martin replied at length, complaining that the decision to close schools had been "called-in" for a rethink.

He also said: "Councillor dilks has deliberately attempted to destabilise schools in my Division....I am concerned that he is prepared to destabilise schools for the sake of petty party politics.."

I wonder if he thinks the independent (non political) and even members of his own Conservative Group who voted AGAINST some of the daft proposals are also guilty of the same?

more later....

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