Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Not often I agree with anything in the Daily Mail but....

...I'll make an exception in response to Israel's latest arrogant murderous atrocity on the high seas http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1283051/Brutality-Israels-aid-ship-attack-lose-faith.html


Anonymous said...

Phil you should know better ! The Daily Wail has a well recorded history of Anti - Semetism.

Israel has a right to exist, and defend her people.


fairdealphil said...

GW, The Daily Mail is not my favourite newspaper either.

Of course Israel has a right to exist, and to defend her people.

But the bloodbath caused by an aggressive heli-drop on a relief convoy by armed soldiers in international waters in the middle of the night was little to do with defence.

To most decent people, it appears as I (not the Mail) described as an arrogant murderous atrocity.

That's why the world is urging Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza - and why the Israeli action has been widely condemned - not just in the Daily Mail!

It sickens me to think that a nation built after the Holocaust can deliberately inflict suffering, hardship and death on their neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish, the IDF acted with restraint.

Following a refusal to heave to for inspection most navies would have opened fire.

600 people to hand over releaf supplies ? Who are they trying to kid ?


fairdealphil said...

The autopsies point not to restraint, but point-blank execution by gun-shots to the head and face.