Friday, November 20, 2009

Lincs headteacher named as Mistress of Tory MP...

Governors at a south Lincs School have jumped to the defence of their head teacher after she was named by a national newspaper as the former Mistress of Conservative MP David Curry who has been caught up in the parliamentary expenses scandal.

Parents of children at Bourne Abbey Church of England school must have choked over their cornflakes when they saw the photo of head teacher Cherry Edwards splashed across the front page of this morning'sDaily Telegraph.

The Lincs Free Press website was quick off the mark to follow up the story - and publish a strong defence of Miss Edwards by the school's Governing body.

The Daily Telegraph alleged Tory MP David Curry claimed nearly £30,000 for a second home that his French born wife had barred him from using after discovering he had an affair with the Bourne head teacher.

Mr Curry, former Conservative agriculture minister, was appointed only a few weeks ago as chairman of the all-powerful standards and privileges committee.

His job was to police Commons expense claims and make judgements on his parliamentary colleagues.

It's all a huge embarrassment for David Cameron to see his 'expenses policeman' forced to step down pending an inquiry into his own expenses so soon after his appointment.

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