Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hannan's so eccentric, he's now on Cameron's side...

The Tory MEP who claimed on American TV that the NHS has been a 60 year mistake was dismissed by David Cameron as an eccentric.

So eccentric in fact that Mr Cameron has rewarded the hard-right Hannan with a plum job in the Conservative team!

After Hannan told Americans last month that 'I wouldn't wish the NHS on anyone', commentators on this side of the pond were split on whether he was a lonely eccentric maverick as Cameron would have us believe, or the voice of many on the extreme right of Cameron's Conservative Party.

Andrew Grice in the Independent suggested that Cameron could control Hannan if he were a loose cannon but concluded: unfortunately for Cameron, he is not.

Telegraph sage Jame Kirkup proved less accurate!

Under the headline Cameron chooses Obama over Hannan, Kirkup asserted Hannan was not popular with the Tory Leadership.

Hannan was later said to anger Cameron even further, by pouring praise on Enoch 'rivers of blood' Powell.

Mr Cameron was clearly angry that Dan Hannan had let the cat out of the bag that the Tories still hate the NHS and tried to kid us on that Hannan didn't speak for the Tory Party.

Well, he does now!

Same old eccentric Tories, eh?

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