Friday, August 14, 2009

Prescott tells Americans: Don't listen to Tory right wing on NHS

Attack the NHS and incur the wrath of Labour...

Never forget that the doctors and the Tories opposed the introduction of the NHS over 60 years ago - just as the hard-right in America are fighting Obama's health care reforms today.

But Prescott has told America not to listen to the misrepresentations of British MEP Dan Hannan who fuelled the anti-reform debate with an ourtargeous attack on the NHS.

Same old Tories eh?


Anonymous said...

Typical fat Cat Prescott.

The man who destroyed tyhe NHS as we know it and turned it into the socialist failing it is today.

There's only one Dan Hannan.

fairdealphil said...

There may, thankfully, only be one Dan Hannan, but he speaks for many on the right wing.

The Tories voted against the NHS in 1947 and have hated it ever since.