Friday, June 26, 2009

Anyone seen my teddy bear...?

Back from a few glorious days camping in Norfolk in time to chair last night's Deeping St James Parish Council meeting - on my 32nd wedding anniversary.

Looking forward to meal out tonight with my wife Gill at the Packhorse in Northborough - we hear the chef has transferred from the White Hart at Ufford where our daughter Claire was married at Christmas. Wedding fare was first rate so hoping for good things...

Tomorrow morning, I'll be at a meeting of United Charities Finance Committee at 9.30 followed by helping to put up the parish council stand at the Rose and Sweet Pea Show at the Vicarage.

And Sunday, I'll be digging out my old teddy bear for the Picnic and walk in the afternoon at the DSJ nature reserve - organised by the parish council. Not sure if my five month old grandson Jack will appreciate it, but hope it's a good family event.

So, a busy weekend in St James. Hope the weather is kind to us...


Ash the Green said...

Surely you mean wedding fayre?
You don't pay a fare when you attend a wedding, although as father of the bride you might have been asked to pay something.

Well done on an excellent first outing for the new Chair!

fairdealphil said...

Thanks Ash...

Quite right, I'm sure.

Wasn't asked to pay a penny piece, but you can be sure I did my duty as a proud dad.

Fair's fair, (or rather, fayre).