Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tory Attack Dog says protester was pretending to be blind...

Astonishing attack on one of the most respected charities in the country from a Tory council who claims that a protester carrying a white stick and wearing shades was pretending to be blind...

Guide Dogs for the Blind are incensed by the attack.

The Deputy Leader of Kensington and Chelsea who claims the protest was a scam would surely not make such a bizarre claim without the evidence to back it up.

Or is he just barking...?


PwD-SD said...

I don't know how long guide dogs been around in the UK but it is obviously an attack on guide dogs for the blind as a group and as blind individuals alike.

This just shows how far a council member would go to make their claims better. No facts just muddy up the waters so something passes their way. Grrr!

Anonymous said...

How is this for a plot?

Gordon gets really hammered in the County and European Election on Thursday June 4th.

Sunday press on June 7th make it worse as Euro votes are counted.

Peter Hain, Charles Clarke or some Big Beast from the past sticks the boot in the following week at Westminster sometime between June 8th and 11th and threaten to be a stalking horse candidate.

Weekend of June 13th and 14th is full of bad news for Gordon and calls from backbenches for him to go.

Peter Mandelson tells him his time is up and even his offer of Foreign Secretary isn't enough.

Gordon decides to stay in place until new Labour Leader is chosen.

Labour elect new leader in late August and under growing pressure are forced to call a General Election in late September thus forcing party conference season to be called off.

Scenario 1: Hattie Harman gets thrashed and Cameron wins with landslide majority like Blair in 1997.

Scenario 2: Johnson or either of the Milibongs get beaten but Tory majority is only about 60 enabling Johnson or Milibong to stay on as Leader of the Opposition.

It could happen!

Anonymous said...

Nothing new the times I've been asked do you really need a wheelchair or crutches, can you not try to be without them while working. Then you show them your legs and they ask did you do that to your self to be disabled.
You'd be surprised what people are asked especially at the job center.