Monday, November 24, 2008

Shares soar to record rise...

Shares have recorded their biggest ever one-day rise. The FTSE has just closed up almost ten per cent on this morning's opening - partly due to the City welcoming measures announced by the Chancellor today to help small businesses, families and pensioners through the current tough economic times.


Anonymous said...

FTSE 100 4152.96 up 372.00 9.84%
Dax 4554.33 up 426.92 10.34%
Cac 40 3172.11 up 290.85 10.09%

So not as big a rise as the markets in other countries who couldn't care less about this budget.

This rise has nothing to do with the PBR

Anonymous said...

The London rise was just as much a reflection of what has been going on in New York Phil.

George Osborne's best performance ever!

Steven_L said...

I guess it had nothing to do with the US plugging the hole in Citibank then?

Do you reckon the 2.5% off VAT is why the Nikkei went up too?

Anonymous said...

And the Dax, and the French SE and and Australia.

Pitty the BBC News at ten and ITV News didn't work that out.

Maybe they just fell for a bit of Mandelson spin again?