Friday, August 29, 2008

Senior Tory attacks our Olympic heroes...

While the rest of Britain celebrates our greatest Olympic medal haul for a century, a senior Tory in Boris Johnson's Mayoral team has launched a disgraceful attack on our athletes, claiming they have 'blood on their hands'.

Controversial Boris appointed the even bigger loose cannon Coleman to run London's fire and rescue service - despite being fully aware of his less than impressive record of gaffes.

Coleman hit the headlines earlier this year after claiming a massive £600-plus in one day for taxi fares - and racking up an expenses claim for taxi that was bigger than all the rest of the members of the Greater London Authority put together - including the Mayor.

Coleman's huge taxi-bill on the rates was despite being given a free pass on London Transport.

Cabbie Coleman, an openly gay Tory, also recently claimed that he has been passed over for high office within Tory ranks because of homophobia in the highest echelons of Cameron's Conservative Party.

He further shocked senior Tories by 'outing' former Tory Prime Minister, the late Sir Edward Heath who he accused of the rather unsavoury practice of 'cottaging'.

Coleman's latest outrageous comments stand in direct contrast to Boris Johnson's lavish praise for our Olympic heroes and is further evidence of the internal squabbling and outright chaos since Boris became Mayor of London.

Let's not forget Boris's helpful assertion - in writing - a couple of weeks ago that it was 'piffle' to talk about Britain being a 'broken society' - as David Cameron does at every opportunity.

Boris has of course had a chaotic start in his first 100 days as Mayor of London, losing a string of his high-profile appointments in controversy.

Still, at least the chaos under ex-Bullingdon-club member B-J, serves as a warning as what to expect if ex-Bullington-club member D-C ever got the keys to Downing Street.

But the more pressing question is can Boris afford to sack another gaffe-prone member of his inner cabinet...?

Watch this space...


Anonymous said...

He is entitled to his point of view. Our success at the Olympics does not mean we have to suspend all debate. I don't agree with him, but I don't want to discourage sincere opinions either, thank you. Do you believe that everyone in the public eye should be robots restricted to a very narrow party line?

I'm not sure you are right about cottaging. When homosexuality was persecuted in this country (not that long ago) there was bound to be a furtive subculture. I've no idea whether Ted Heath was actively gay, but at the time when he was in public life there was not the freedom which politicians now have. So I am not clear what your point is exa\ctly, Phil.

fairdealphil said...

Thanks for your comment Brynley.

I agree of course that cabbie Coleman is entitled to his point of view, just as i am entitled to it comment on his view, and you are very welcome to offer another view...

No, i don't believe in robots, but when a politician directly attacks our Olympic heroes, i think it's reasonable to disagree with him publicly.

he also of course said that Boris was 'forced' to go to Beijing to collect the Olympic flag and that he would have instructed the Chinese to put it in the post!!

I'm sure all have varying concerns on lack of human rights in China, but directly attacking our athletes as having 'blood on their hands' is, in my view, to insult their achievements which most of us are still celebrating.

i believe i'm right that Mr Coleman 'outed' Sir Ted for 'cottaging' without appearing to have any firm evidence to back up his claims.

my point is that mr coleman does not strike me as a fit responsible person to be in charge of a high profile emergency service in our capital...

you and others are of course welcome to disagree.

fairdealphil said...


here's the link to Mr Coleman and allegations of 'cottaging'.

Anonymous said...

Coleman's GOT to go!