Friday, August 01, 2008

Dead men can't walk free...

The clearing of Barry George of the murder of Gill Dando demonstrates clearly why the death penalty should not be re-introduced.

I trust those who wanting to bring back hanging will reflect on today's verdict which sees Barry George walk free an innocent man after spending eight years in jail.


Anonymous said...

I will reflect on the fact that the Met can't find the murderer of a celebrity murdered in broad daylight in central London, but can slaughter Brazilian electricians if they hurdle a ticket barrier.

Were the police ALWAYS this useless?

Bob Piper said...

Yes, that would have been another victim if that famous civil libertarian David Davis had his way.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a unanimous verdict originally.

I would only allow hanging for a unanimous verdict.

And yes I would be proud to bring it back for those found guilty by unanimous verdict of muder or class a drug dealing.