Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ay Up Mi-duck, who's afraid of being a Yellow-Belly...?

Don't care what others say mi-duck, I'm proud to be a Lincolnshire Yellow Belly (albeit an adopted one).

I was born a Steelback (in Kettering, Northants), but grew up in Lincolnshire after the RAF posted my father here in 1958.

Apart from a five year break in the 1970s working in Bermuda, I've chosen to live in Lincolnshire ever since.

I don't think I speak with a particular Lincolnshire accent, but I have to confess that I usually give away my roots by addressing strangers with a friendly 'Mi-Duck'.

And I'm not changing now.

Not for Nowt Mi-Duck.


Anonymous said...

Irish accents are now the ones people want, according to your Lincolnshire Echo link.

How nice and how quickly the world changes.

Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,
You can only be an adopted 'Yellow Belly' after living here for 80 years and both parents t sign the adoption papers.
In the meantime you can be a probationer,