Friday, June 27, 2008

If the cap fits...

Every Lincolnshire council taxpayer's bill is to be cut by almost £70 - thanks to the Labour Government.

Today, the Tory members of Lincolnshire Police Authority who forced through the biggest council tax rise for policing in Britain were condemned for their actions in a motion debated by Lincolnshire County Council.

But their colleagues closed ranks and supported their decision to increase bills for policing in Lincolnshire by an eye-watering 78.9 per cent.

As posted HERE in February, as a member of the Police Authority, I recognised the need for an increase above the five per cent limit set by the Government after hearing that there was a 'budget deficit' of £5.9 million in the coming year.

But I never felt that a hike of 78.9 per cent could be justified and would make 'capping' almost inevitable.

The Tory county councillors on the police authority wouldn't listen.

They went for broke and decided to force Lincolnshire ratepayers to cough up an extra £24 million - more than four times the 'budget deficit'.

Make no mistake: without Tory support, the massive increase could not have been approved.

No-one can be surprised that the Government has said 'no' and instructed lower bills to be sent out.

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