Friday, April 27, 2007

Police crackdown on anti-social behaviour in DSJ...

Police have seized two vehicles in Deeping St James in the first few days of a sustained crackdown on bikers causing problems for local residents.

It's great news that our local Neighbourhood Police Team are taking tough action in response to a spate of complaints about young people riding mopeds, scooters and mini-motos wrecklessly, dangerously and illegally.

Our very own Police Community Support Officer Chris Clarke says:

So far we have issued six Section 59 warnings and seized two vehicles.
Section 59 Warnings are one of the new powers given to local police under Labour's Police Reform Act.

Police now have the power to issue a formal warning which means if either the offending vehicle - or the driver/rider - is caught being used in an anti-social manner a second time, it will be seized.

In his monthly report to Deeping St James Parish Council last night, PCSO Chris said:

We will only give one warning and after that it is too late. It's not just a case of paying the fine and recovery costs to get your vehicle back, but you will also receive a summons to court where you could get points on your driving licence.

Last week a mini moto was seized from a 13-year-old in Crowson Way, Deeping St James after he was spotted riding on the footpath and highway illegally.

The second vehicle, a red Yamaha moped, was seized last Friday on the playing field off Thackers Way.
The seizures are good news. Only last weekend, I was in my back garden at dusk when a young lad roared his scooter - illegally and dangerously - up Church Walk. Anyone on the footpath would have been forced to jump for their lives...And for the next half hour, a group of lads took turns to race the scooter around the playing field.

Most youngsters ride their scooters and mopeds responsibly, but dangerous anti-social behaviour needs nipping in the bud and I'm delighted our local police are tackling the problem.

A couple of years ago when I first took action to recruit our own PCSO, I was delighted that my proposal was backed unanimously by the parish council.

I believe the move is now paying dividends in our community...

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