Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our Rev. Mark gets a new calling...

News just received: "The Bishop of Lincoln is pleased to announce that the Revd Mark Warrick, who is currently Vicar in the parish of Deeping St James in the Aveland & Ness Deanery, has been appointed Priest in Charge of the benefice of All Saints and St John´s Stamford, subject to CRB Disclosure.

"Mark, his wife Alison and their family hope to move to the parish in January and Mark is due to be licensed on 28th January 2009."

Congratulations to Mark, who I've had the pleasure of knowing since he arrived in Deeping St James some ten or so years ago.

I've served with Mark on Deeping St James Parish Council for a number of years and we are currently both trustees of the United Charities Trust.

I've also enjoyed supping an occasional pint or two with Mark down at the Waterton Arms while we put the world to rights.

Mark's undoubted compassion, wit, and valued contribution to our communuty will be greatly missed. Hope he forgives me for the rather cheeky snap I took of him at the Rose and Sweet Pea Show on the vicarage lawn a year or two ago.

Hopefully the Warrick family link with DSJ will continue through Alison's role in a senior teaching post at the Deepings Comprehensive School.

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Mark said...

Thanks for your kind words, Phil. I'll forgive the pic, given the one of you with which I decorated the Parish Council's website for some years! At least I'm smiling. The hat was a wet weather precaution!

I shall miss Deeping St James and unless I go on beyond 65 will never serve anywhere as long as I have here. Stamford will be a good place to live, of course, but it will be a long way to walk back from the Waterton Arms ... and there are challenges to be faced in my new post. I am looking forward to getting started, but there is still a great deal to do here in the three months I have left.