Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Robbers beat up shop assistant...

Two young thugs beat up a female shop assistant in her fifties last night in a robbery at our local newsagents, Sam's on Rycroft Avenue, Deeping St James...

Info released this morning by Lincolnshire Police:

This incident was reported at about 2210hrs on Monday 1st September 2008. At about 2155hrs two men ran from the corner of Broadgate Lane and pushed the 53-year-old woman shop assistant back into the above newsagents shop as she put the unsold newspapers out for collection. She was threatened with a knife and assaulted before the men escaped after snatching cash from a cash register.

The offenders ran off down Broadgate Lane and then towards Spalding Road.


1. Male, 20-25 years, 5'6" to 5'8" tall, slim build, with a white cloth covering his face. This offender had a knife.

2. Male, very short with a cloth covering his face.

The victim suffered leg and arm injuries and was very shaken by the attack. She was treated at Peterborough and District Hospital and released.

A 17-year-old youth was later arrested and will be interviewed later today.
Police appealling for witnesses.


Airborne said...

Were the attackers white, black asian etc. Not a bad description given but the above information is very important.

Anonymous said...

Were the attackers white, black, asian etc. Not a bad description but the above information is very important in narrowing the offenders down.