Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Black day for local Democracy

Lincolnshire has its first ever BNP councillor - and there wasn't even an election.

Robert West was elected as a Conservative member of South Holland District Council.

But he's now revealed that he's defected to the British National Party.

Sad news: I believe extremist politicial parties such as the BNP have nothing to offer to help build safer, more cohesive communities.

The BNP only exploits division and hatred and should be rejected by all decent people.

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Airborne said...

Well i consider myself a decent person, but who else is there to vote for. All the big 3 parties are basically the same! None want to question immigration, nobody wants to limit immigration and give a figure ie 3000 immigrants of substancial skills a year. on the labour site their manifesto is pure spin there is nothing of any substance for the British worker.